Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Does Hypnosis REALLY Work For Weight Loss?

Feeling stuck in a loop of self-sabotage? The subconscious mind is the place where the very root of most traumas, addictions, habits, or any kind of undesirable behavior usually is buried in. Hypnosis opens a doorway right to your subconscious, you will be able to address the issue right from the root of it. Curious about Hypnotherapy for weight loss? Keep reading!
Of course, making smarter and healthier food choices and exercising are obvious components when trying to lose weight, and you definitely should not stop watching what you eat or exercising!
However in many cases, maintaining long term success with weight loss and weight management requires getting rid of deep emotional and subconscious factors. That’s where weight loss hypnosis comes in!

 How does Hypnosis work for weight-loss? 

Discover how Hypnotherapy for weight loss can transform your life. Your subconscious mind’s job is to keep you safe, naturally this means that it is very comfortable with the situation you are in right now. This is what we call your homeostasis, and it’s one of the main reasons why you keep yo-yoing with your weight! You try a new diet and you get results for a while, then someone triggers an emotional response and you gain it all back, sometimes even more weight!
Another name for your homeostasis is your “comfort zone”. This “comfort zone”, is the point where your mind and body considers itself to be safe, secure and familiar because it’s familiar and it wants to keep you right there..
Getting your mind out of its comfort zone is not a quick fix. In fact, it is an emotionally challenging process that requires you to work with your subconscious mind - essentially changing your programing, your “Mindset”
When you start to work on the root of your issues on a subconscious level, almost instantly the actions that will take place ‘consciously’ will begin to  align with what your subconscious is ultimately trying to achieve.
As you uncover the “root cause” of your issue, you can begin to connect the dots and see how this belief is affecting you in your life. Once the unveiling is done, the process of rewriting the script or “installing new programing” is much easier.


What is RTT® ?

Rapid Transformational Therapy embraces many of the positive aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy that are known to produce a transformative effect on clients, including the use of trance and hypnotic conditioning.

However, RTT® goes beyond hypnosis, diagnosing what works with clients to build a new therapeutic approach. Unlike traditional hypnotherapy, RTT does not rely solely on positive reinforcement.

While using correct, up-to-date, and relevant language when talking to yourself is certainly a part of any transformation, it serves as more of a reinforcement of breakthroughs rather than the catalyst. RTT therapists could reach breakthroughs via hypnosis that would not be possible if they were simply trying to access the subconscious mind via altered language and self-talk.

Your RTT therapist is equipped with an array of techniques and tools that are crucial, not just in teaching you how to communicate with your subconscious mind but also directly accessing and fixing whatever blocks may be there. Central to that is the ability to transform many clients in a single session.

How Does it Work?

Marisa identified that regardless of their issue, clients benefit from applying a particular set of techniques in a specific way that almost always brings about phenomenal changes. These insights provided the foundations for Rapid Transformational Therapy® to emerge as a distinctive therapeutic approach.

Marisa has developed a unique therapy and a range of techniques and tools that your therapist may draw on depending on a client’s presenting challenges by diagnosing what works with real clients in real sessions. Your RTT® therapist is trained to use these tools in a skillful and exploratory way following extensive training, ongoing support, and supervision.

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