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As your Self-Development Coach, I’m committed to empowering you to live a better and healthier life through a personalized program. Together, we’ll push boundaries and find new and better ways to achieve your goals.


Balance - 6 Month Signature Program

Feeling stuck in our lives is an awful feeling. Wanting more but having no motivation to “do” more is so frustrating. We don’t know what we don’t know. We can’t change, heal or fix what we don’t understand. But we have to advocate for ourselves, it’s our duty. It is our responsibility to BE better, once we know better. 

But how can we find out what’s keeping us stuck, weighed down and playing small? By tapping into your subconscious beliefs and seeing what stories and programming's have caused you to live out of alignment.

What IS The BALANCE Signature Program?









All transformation starts with a clear understanding of where you are. Without blame, shame and guilt. To begin healing and transforming we have to look at what’s working for us in our lives right now, what isn’t and what behaviors and patterns keep showing up and holding us stuck. We must also begin to figure out exactly where you are. This is crucial to defining where you are going - and how you will get there.


In order to allow the transformation to begin, you must be in allowance of change. Allowing yourself to be honest with where you’ve been, where you are and allow yourself to uncover the wounds that are keeping you from going where you want to go.Change is sometimes perceived as scary. To be in allowance of the change you want to bring forth, is the determining factor on how you will move through your transformation. Allowance is the key to conquering any objectives - healing, relationships and business.


When we hold the belief that we are “too old” to learn, or we stand strong in our convictions of what we believe to be true, we miss many opportunities to grow. Learning is creating space for new possibilities of healing and growth to come into our reality. Learning what makes you feel good and whole and what doesn’t. Learning is one of the key ways we grow. Unlearning old programming is part of this. Clearing old beliefs to make room for the new ones is an essential step in gaining true balance.


The art of appreciation is greatly underutilized. Love and gratitude are the highest vibrations one can be in. Appreciation doesn’t just mean to be grateful for the good stuff! Appreciation in its purest form is to be in acknowledgement and gratitude for all that has been, all that shall come to pass and all that is. Gratitude isn’t reserved for majestic sunsets and material possessions, it encompasses everything we are and come into contact with.


In order to maintain energetic alignment with ourselves, we must nourish ourselves properly. Nourishment means not only to feed ourselves, but our souls. Nourish our bodies with healthy, delicious foods - yes! But with peace, tranquility and things that light our souls on fire. Nourishment of the mind comes from reading books that stir your soul, listening to music that makes you want to move in ways you didn't know you could, spend time with loved ones and so on! Finding ways to be yourself nourished and nurtured is essential to living a life in which you can reciprocate those feelings to others.


The creative process is hugely misunderstood and must be explored. We often get stuck in an energy of “must do” - this greatly cuts off our creative energy. Creation is what we are. It’s what we are here to do. With every fiber of our beingness we are here to create new ideas, possibilities, experiences, ways of thinking and being. That is how the Universe expands. It counts on us- here on Earth to be in a state of creation in order for expansion to be possible. 


What good is learning, wanting, yearning and dreaming if not to be embraced and embodied. We get caught up in the possibilities and overthink what is and what could or should be. Embodiment is the art of stepping into the alignment you have created. Like changing lanes on the freeway. Once in your own energetic lane, your gps is set and your journey begins.  

Healing the layers of trauma and fear is life changing but what good comes from unlearning and reframing if you don’t embody the new energetic balance you’ve created?

You’re thinking this sounds amazing! But, what will I be doing over the next six months and how can I deal with every issue that’s holding me back?

Once you commit and register for the program, you will have a 1 hour private intake and Intention Setting Session. This is where you get to spill the tea on what you most want to figure out, heal and upgrade. Once we know what your priorities are, your journey to Balance begins.

Blue Lake

Energetic Alignment Signature Program - 6 Month Intensive


You can’t outrun your emotions.

Simply imagine having the ability to find and remove hidden issues that have been holding you back for ages,  and directing  your energy to serve you to turn dreams into your reality!

This is about creating real-life changes rather than quick-fix solutions. Like all things worth doing, it takes a little practice and dedication; the results are so worth it. Most self-help modalities fall into one of two camps; they focus on releasing the negative, or they focus on creating the positive. To truly change your life, we have to do both; it’s like the YIN & Yang of transformation one cannot exist without the other. First, we must identify clearly and let go of what holds us back THEN, we have to create space for reprogramming ourselves to our truest original programming  to create new thoughts, beliefs, emotions and change our life experience.

Energetic Alignment is  a bridge between science and spirituality, grounded in Energy Medicine, Law of Attraction and Eastern Philosophy. It is blended with modern neuroscientific research, CBT, NLP, Positive Psychology to help you shift what holds you back and get inflow.

The 6 month Intensive Energetic Alignment Program is designed to help you figure out what has been holding you back in life. What patterns and behaviours have kept showing up in your life and keeping you feeling and playing small. How to examine and release what no longer serves you Body, Mind and Soul and help you craft a plan to get you in the Co-creating energy. The FLOW state that will allow you to live a regulated, balanced and purposeful life.

What is Energetic Alignment Coaching?

  • Designed to help you find and release the energetic cause of stress, overwhelm and feeling out of flow.

  • Powerful energetic techniques designed to shift your energy, thoughts, and emotions on every level of your energy field.

  • Designed to help you lift the fog and reconnect with your intuition and inner guidance system.

  • A Law of Attraction component designed to help you co create with your higher self and the universe to live a life filled with ease.

  • Designed to put you back in charge of your health. By working on the energy, thoughts and emotions first, you can learn to prevent illness.

  • A Integrated Life Coaching Model - where you can be supported on a journey to change your life

  • Energetic Fingerprint: Yes! Just like our fingerprints we all vibe at our own frequency. Learn to recalibrate and tune into your highest energetic frequency so you can actually live in energetic alignment. This allows you to walk through life with a sense of ease and inner peace. 

  • You already possess everything inside of you to reconnect with your higher self. You will learn a few techniques that will help you gently close the tabs in your mind that are running in the background like on your PC! This helps us shift off autopilot and learn to be more present in every moment. 

  • Conscious Clarity: This is where we start creating a clear & definite action plan based on your goals, objectives and deepest desires. Once you are ready to allow yourself to dream again, and have defined what those dreams and goals look like - we need a plan. Not just any plan. A plan that is designed to meet you where you’re at. Taking into account your lifestyle and environment.

  • Daily Glow! Learn to curate & create a daily Sensational Self Care Practice that works for you and is in alignment with your goals and desires, most of all your needs. If your goal is to take better care of your health - your sensational self care practice will reflect those desires. This is not a one size fits all! 

  • Master the game: Learn  clearly  the role your subconscious plays in your life. Your subconscious mind comes with it’s own set of rules - trust me you’ve been playing the game all wrong. That’s why you keep moving two steps forwards and three steps back. You will learn the game and how to play it.

  • Adjust the lens: Gratitude is by far the simplest, best and fastest way to healing your heart and changing your life. It sounds cheesy but once you learn how to tune into moments, and people and things that just feel good - it will seem less cheesy and become second nature. Learn to appreciate yourself, your life - regardless of the contrast that comes into your reality.

  • Learn to identify and lean into your superpowers and sacred gifts.

  • Master the knowledge & conviction to “let go” of what is no longer serving you in your life in order to create true balance. Once you can recognize that your desire to live a fabulous, happy and healthy life is far greater and stronger than the fear lurking in the shadows - you will never turn back to see if it’s still there. 

What are the logistics of this program?

The 6 month Energetic Alignment Program is for those of you who have started your healing journey and are ready to get to work, hit the ground running and start living the life you desire. This program includes 2 one on one sessions weekly. That’s a total of 48 sessions!

All of my one on one sessions are 1 hour in length and are private. This program is designed to work with you through the workbook and modules and support you every step of the way.

All workbooks, Guided Meditations and all other materials are included in the program.

You have email support 24 / 7 and Text Message Support as well.

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Corporate Seminars

With years of experience, I’ve slowly begun incorporating different strategies into my practice as a professional Self-Development Coach. During our sessions, we’ll map your needs to come up with a program that works for you.

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